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Spirit Science

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22+ (still airing)


Patchman (All episodes)

About Spirit ScienceEdit

What is Spirit Science?Edit

"Spirit Science is a video series starring Patchman (voiced by Jordan Spiritpatch, who takes you on a journey into the unknown as we look at many basics of what it means to be spiritual. Chakras, Thoughts, Sacred Geometry, and even Atlantis, in Spirit Science we look at and discuss many of these topics.

"Most people in the world don’t realize that there is an option between Religion and Science. You’re either one or the other, and both of the sides don’t give a complete image. With religion, were led to believe a bunch of really bizarre stories without any context at all, and that you can’t be scientific about how you think if your religious. Then on the scientific part of things, we assume that the entire universe just exploded out of nothingness a few billion years ago, and randomly created this entire thing we call reality completely at random. You also don’t have anything to live for, because when you die, you just rot in the ground.

"But there’s a third option. That option explores the self, and what it means to be a conscious being. Believe it or not, Consciousness is the key factor that brings both Science and Religion into each others arms. Consciousness is the understanding that you are more than your physical body, you are a conscious being that is one with everything in reality, and that the experience is the reason for doing anything!

"You can have, do, or be, anything you want, and Spirit Science attempts to explain just how that works."

- Quoted from 'About Spirit Science'

List of episodes Edit

See Spirit Science/List of Episodes for a full list of Spirit Science episodes.

History of Spirit Science Edit

A brief history of Spirit Science by Jordan Spiritpatch Edit

"I first started Spirit Science around the beginning of April 2011. I had gone through my own Spiritual awakening in December of 2010 and went through a rapid change both internally and externally in my sense of self. Most of my time for a span of 3 or 4 months was spent researching and diving into any topics of interest I could find, be it scientific, esoteric, occult, or spiritual.

"One topic I found especially interesting was Sacred Geometry, which (as you probably know if you’ve seen the spirit science series) is the geometry of consciousness, or rather, the geometry of how consciousness creates and interacts with the One Reality. At first I tried writing everything down, and I wrote out a rough 75 page book to be called ‘We Are God’, at one point I tried explaining it on the Newgrounds forums, and nobody really knew what I meant. The problem to me, was that although there were people out there who understood this stuff, there was nowhere (that I knew of really) that was like a centralized hub for discussing all of this stuff!

"Eventually the book I was writing was scrapped in favor of doing a flash video series, as I have been making cartoons since I was 13 (you can check out all of my previous work here ). Spirit Science was born, and I began working on the series.

"The exciting thing to me about Spirit Science is how fresh and new it is. It’s funny too, because this information that is discussed in Spirit Science is some of the oldest knowledge on the planet. The Ancient Egyptians, and even Atlanteans before that, knew much of this information as common knowledge way back when. Due to the state of the world, it literally has been suppressed and pushed out of the way by the world order that has been imposed by the Global Elite. I feel that Spirit Science is something of a refresher, bringing back this ancient knowledge and putting it into a format that the average person can understand and use in their own lives. To me, this is a strong entry point for anyone who feels there was something ‘missing’ in their lives, just as I felt when I was introduced to it."

Where do we go from here?Edit

"Well, my intentions for are colossus, but of course one step at a time. I actually described my hopes for where this site is going in my first ‘Spirit Science Website ’ video blog on YouTube.

"Spirit Science, and this global awakening is going to grow larger, and speed up faster and faster, and really begin to change the state of the world. What I hope to provide with the Spirit Science website is a place for anyone to show up and discuss, or get involved with anything related to Spiritual, Esoteric, Occult, or Scientific topics. This information is here for everyone and anyone who wants to get involved or learn more.

"Thanks for reading! And Welcome, now let’s change the world!"

- Quoted from 'Spirit Science Council'

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