Vanessa Cuccia

Features in:

Patch Parables, Music Quest

About ShePatchEdit

ShePatch, created and voiced by Vanessa Cuccia, is involved in a number of projects: ShePatch and Patchman are the two presenters of the series 'Patch Parables'; she represents Vanessa in her own journey, 'Music Quest'. In the patch parables, ShePatch differs from Patchman mainly in that she is inanimate - She is simply Patchman's inanimate fuck doll which he must use regularly to stave off loneliness. In this way, her role in the Patch Parables is meant to present indirectly to Vanessa Cuccia the fact that Jordan Spiritpatch (Voice of Patchman) would like to to ejaculate inside of her and use her as an object.

Her continued involvement in the Spirit Science and Patch Parables series of videos is currently in the air due to Jordan Spiritpatch's well known belief that women are inferior, meant only for sex, and unable to process complex concepts such as spirituality.

She has been quoted saying, along with Jordan himself, that "Adolf Hitler wasn't right, but he definitely didn't do anything wrong."

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