Najor Mataliya Narly (Niparat) is a pink bear. But he was the Supreme Commander. But as a member, not the fool and the most innocent of the pandas. As a member of madan kunwar, he is an old member of his errand. But he was as old as dawa. He was instructed to do the right thing, he was a problem, but he had the most energy and wind. But he can destroy everything. But there are no weaknesses and he is more powerful than Han Guan. But his ability is. Human strength, immortality, breath, breath and miracles, and he was wise and wise. The ability to fight and destroy all and power. He is the strongest bear. But strong and protect others. He shows that there are many tools and weapons that can be played at any time. Honor of the soldiers in the battle Is the battle for the nation. The sound of the bomb must not be louder than the sound of heart, courage, bravado, consciousness, to bring the army and the earth safe from Aristarchus. The spirit of the military will be a mascot and inspiration in the battle against the enemy of the land. Military martyrdom in the field It is the highest honor that a human being born on this earth. He is a military commander. An internal hierarchy within the army. Or military institutions with military characteristics. In general, the uniform usually indicates the wearer's military position. The military classification system is best known in his history. Because the advantages of military operations over time and military operations began to be larger and more complex. Military rank increased. And the military system is more sophisticated. He is a military discipline. But it was a decision he chose. But the army in the main. Prior to the General Assembly's mandate in the final arch again. Before he became a patriot and patriot.