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About Jordan SpiritpatchEdit

Spirit Quest - The Story Thus Far..09:46

Spirit Quest - The Story Thus Far...

Jordan Spiritpatch is the creator of Spirit Science, a cosmic adventure into the next level of life, through conscious #REALNIGGAHOURS and project co-creation. Jordan's real name is Jordan Duchycz, but he is also known to go by the name Faggot. Throughout this article it's obvious to see that he has no valuable experience contributing to a wiki and he also has issues following the rules of English grammar and spelling.

I am that I am. I am gay, I suck dick, I rim hairy assholes and I eat my own semen. I'm a being on this planet, just like you. In spirit, there is no difference between us, so how come i have a wiki? I'm not too straight either... i know some things, maybe i should share them here. HAIRY ASSHOLES

Things i've learned in life so far.

When you think you know who you are, there's more to learn. For example, I need to learn basic grammar and punctuation skills.

Giving love to a dick makes it so much easier to deal with. AGAIN, HAIRY ASSHOLES.

Focus on what you DO want.

Live in inspiration, if you have none - go on a quest to find some dick. Find out what really inspires your dick, not just externally, but within dick as well.

You can have, do, or be, anything you want if you stretch your asshole wide enough to receive my dick.

Seriously, you can! It's 2012, dick is what everyone is talking about. This is the time to go out there and SHAVE YOUR HAIRY ASSHOLE. Clean up our spaces1, give your asshole an enema, give love and attention to the aspects in your life that need them. If things are falling apart or in chaos, you can change the vibration so that your asshole is no longer hurting.

Everything is vibrators, and its all about changing your vibrator. Raising it, to be one that is balanced, and in tune with your higher strands of string cheese. 

See the bigger picture of whats going on, all around you, why things are happening in the way that they are happening. For me, the bigger picture involves forty black men and Shrek pillaging my rectum with their large chode dicks.

Namaste! I'm a faggot and none of this is real! The concept that is Spirit Science is baseless!

~Jordan "Put Them In My Ass Because I Can't Fit Any More In My Mouth" Spiritpatch

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